Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning


How to Use The Annual Copyright License

Copyright on Campus video

Copyright Clearance Center Overview presentation

Curriculum-Based Presentations

Central Venous Access Devices (Powerpoint/Smartboard - Submitted by Christine Barcus)

Grading and Rubrics

ENG 105 Composition Grading Rubric

BIO 207L AP News Assignments Rubric

BIO 215 Micro Journal Assignment Rubric

ENG 105 Research Rubric

HSC 110 Growth and Development Rubric

HSC 120 Journal Article Rubric

NRS 101 Nutrition Poster Rubric

NRS 102 Teaching Learning Plan Rubric

NRS 103 Nursing Process Project and Rubric

RAD 254c Form #202 Clinical Performance Evaluation

RAD 254 Reflection Journal Assignment Rubric

Rank, Promotion, and Portfolios

Rank and Promotion Overview Fall 2012

4 Steps to a Memorable Teaching Philosophy

How to Write a Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Test Construction

"Constructing Written Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences" 

This National Board of Medical Examiners resource contains principles key to creating quality test items. Although examples are primarily from the fields of science and medicine, its principles can be applied to other disciplines to guide sound test item construction for objective tests. The length of the document is due to the large number of examples, included both with its explanations and in an Appendix.

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