I've Been Accepted. What's Next?

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I've Been Accepted. What's Next?



Congratulations on your acceptance to Aultman College! Here’s what you need to do next to become an Aultman College student.   

1. Schedule your Admissions (COMPASS/KAPLAN) placement tests now.

Click here to schedule your placement tests    

Fee: $20

COMPASS and Kaplan Test FAQ 


Accepted students must take the admissions tests before registering for courses at Aultman College. COMPASS testing is used by colleges around the nation to evaluate incoming students’ skill levels and ensure students are placed in appropriate courses. You will receive your scores immediately following completion of the exams.  The scores will be used when scheduling your courses during your Initial Registration Appointment. 

If you have already undergone COMPASS testing, you may submit official scores with a signature of the administering college/university.  These results will only be accepted if the test is dated within one year of the application deadline date.
The Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program applicants are also required to take a pre-licensure nursing standard admissions test for program ranking purposes.



2. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) after January 1 at www.fafsa.ed.gov   Aultman College FAFSA code: 006487

This federal form is your gateway to financial aid. To qualify for the most financial aid opportunities, please be sure to complete this form by the indicated deadline. (Please be aware that you must be accepted and enrolled into a degree-seeking program to be eligible for federal and state financial aid.) Click here for more information about completing the FAFSA.





Congratulations on your acceptance to an Aultman College degree program! You are in for a challenging and rewarding experience as you prepare for your career in health sciences. To complete your acceptance requirements, please be sure that you have completed all of the College requirements listed above.  In addition, to ensure final acceptance into your degree program, please complete the following by the deadlines indicated on the Program Accepted checklist:


1. Return your Program RSVP and non-refundable reservation fee of $100 by the stated deadline.


2. Complete and return the Demographic Form by the stated deadline.  


3. Complete and return the Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure Form by the stated deadline.


4. Complete the online criminal background check and fingerprinting procedure by the stated deadline.

Follow the instructions that were sent with your acceptance letter. Results are received by Aultman College automatically; you do not have to submit a paper copy.  Please be aware that conviction of a felony or misdemeanor may disqualify your acceptance to Aultman College.

Click here to review Aultman College Background Check policy and list of offenses that bar admission.


5. Click to sign up for New Student Registration and College Orientation.   


6. Complete all aspects of the pre-admission physical, including immunizations and two-step TB (tuberculosis) test by the stated deadline.
You may submit the physical exam form completed by your personal physician or schedule a complete physical exam and two-step TB test at AultWorks. The two-step TB test involves two injections 7-21 days apart; each test must be read by a healthcare professional. It is recommended that you receive the Hepatitis “B” surface antibody series. If you choose to decline the Hepatitis “B” surface antibody series, you must sign and submit the declination form.
You can also contact the Aultman College Health Nurse at 330-363-6762 to schedule an appointment to have most of the health requirements completed at Aultman College. The actual physical exam must be completed by a physician.

Your completed physical exam form, applicable lab results, and health history information sheets must be submitted to:

Aultman College
ATTN: Health Nurse
2600 Sixth St. SW
Canton, OH  44710


7. Schedule a urine drug screening through AultWorks. This requirement must be completed at AultWorks by the stated deadline.
Contact AultWorks: 330-491-9675 or 330-684-4767


8. Submit a copy of your current Health Care Provider CPR certification card from the American Heart Association with your signature on it by the stated deadline.

To ensure patient safety, you must have this certification before you can begin classes. Proof must be submitted to:
Aultman College
ATTN: Vanessa Kleinhenz
2600 Sixth St. SW
Canton, OH  44710



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