Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan and IEAP are both grounded in the college mission. They may have commonly shared goals, and for Aultman College, assessment itself is a strategic initiative. But we believe that IE planning is fundamentally different from strategic planning in that, while strategic planning is focused on repositioning the institution, IE is focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of college services and programs. Its outcomes point to continuous quality improvement. Unlike strategic planning, IE planning doesn’t end once an action item is completed; it continually revitalizes itself through reflection, reevaluation, and renewal.


Strategic Planning Process

The components of our strategic planning and managerial accountability processes include:

  1. Strategic Frame
  2. Broad Strategic Initiatives with Goals and Objectives
  3. Regular Review of Progress-to-Plan
  4. Managerial Projects
  5. Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance


Strategic Frame

The Strategic Frame is a set of high level considerations, assumptions, principles, and beliefs intended to guide the college and its leadership through the strategic decision making process. It is reviewed annually by the leadership team and Board for continued relevance.


Strategic Initiatives

Supporting the strategic initiatives are goals and objectives with measurable action steps that define the college's annual body of work.  Goal achievement is driven by interdisciplinary teams composed of all faculty and staff and supported by operations and governance. The goals also drive managerial projects and evolve as completed work drops off to be replaced by new work.

2014 Strategic Projects

Strategic Plan 2013-15

2010-14 Strategic Plan

2012 Update to 2010 Strategic Plan


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