Transfer Credit Procedure

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Transfer Credit Procedure

Transfer credit analysis is conducted after a student is accepted into Aultman College.  Only official English language transcripts will be reviewed to determine which course(s) from previously attended educational institutions will transfer. A transcript is considered official when stamped with the official school seal, signed by the appropriate school official, and received in a sealed envelope.


Transfer credit may be granted for coursework completed at other institutions, advanced placement (AP) coursework or CLEP.  Please refer to the Aultman College Transfer Credit Equivalencies (located on the website for specific detailsAwarded transfer credit grades are reflected on the student’s Aultman College transcript; however, they are not reflected in the student’s grade point average (GPA). 


Please note the following rules regarding transfer credit:


  • Transfer credit awards become FINAL three (3) weeks prior to the expected graduation date. All appeals and submissions must be completed prior to that final date.
  • Aultman College does not accept transfer credit for developmental coursework.

1.       A maximum of 32 transfer semester credit hours towards a degree can be granted in accord with the Aultman College residency requirement, which states that 41 hours must be completed at Aultman College.


2.       Math and science courses must be completed within seven (7) years of the semester date of the request.  Program specific courses (e.g. nursing and radiography) must be completed within three (3) years of the semester date of the request.


3.       Transferrable courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.


a.       If a student does not complete a pre-requisite course with a C or better, a higher level course cannot be used for transfer credit.


4.       AP and CLEP credit is granted according to exams and scores indicated on the Transfer Credit Equivalencies document.


5.       When evaluating course content, courses must have the equivalent content as determined by catalog course descriptions or evaluation by departmental faculty in order to receive transfer credit. Content is based on the catalog and course description for the specific term during which the student completed the course.

a.       Evaluation of courses NOT part of the current transfer credit equivalency list will be completed by registrar and/or academic division directors who are responsible for determining course content matches.  Resources such as past catalogs, course descriptions, and course syllabi may be acquired and used. 


6.       Transfer courses must match or exceed the semester credit hour requirement for Aultman College courses.  5.0 and 4.0 quarter hour courses will be considered equivalent to a 3.0 semester credit hour course.


7.       Transfer credit cannot be denied based on a COMPASS test score


Aultman College reserves the right to determine the acceptability of transfer credits in accord with its regulatory bodies and College policies.  Acceptable transfer credit must reflect the content and credit hour requirements set forth by Aultman College, both for general education and specific programs of study.  This policy is not a guarantee of transfer credit to be granted for any course.  Courses accepted from other institutions, along with AP and CLEP exams are subject to revision on an annual basis; therefore, Aultman College reserves the right to change, at any time, and without notice, the criteria for awarding credit in any or all subject areas. 


·         A Statement of Student Transfer Courses is generated and the student will be notified.

If the student disagrees with the awarding of transfer credit, he/she must complete the Appeal Procedure three (3) weeks prior to their expected graduation date.

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