Withdrawal Policy

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Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Registration for classes creates a contract for payment of tuition, fees, and charges. A student who chooses not to attend Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences must officially withdraw during the first six (6) business days of the semester or is obligated to pay charges based on a pro-rated schedule. Withdrawal must be made in writing through the Office of the Registrar. Non-attendance to class or notification to a faculty member does not constitute an official withdrawal.


Withdrawal from a class or from the College on or before the sixth (6th) business day will cancel all the student's financial obligations to the College.


For fall and spring sessions, the refund policy is:

  • Week 2 and 3: 90% of tuition refunded
  • Week 4 and 5: 50% of tuition refunded
  • Week 6: 25% of tuition refunded
  • After week 6: No refund

For summer sessions, the refund policy is:

  • Prior to 4:00 p.m. on the first day of class: 100% refund

Impact of withdrawal on financial aid:

If a student withdraws from a class or from the College at anytime, the College may be required to return a portion of the federal and/or state financial aid to the appropriate programs. Any balance created on the student’s account as a result of this transaction is the responsibility of the student.


Anyone withdrawing who is receiving financial aid needs to contact the Financial Aid Office. If a student withdraws or reduces the number of credit hours after the refund period for reasons beyond his or her control, a detailed letter may be submitted for special consideration. Letters may be addressed to:

    Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences

    Director responsible for Finance

    2600 Sixth Street SW, Canton, Ohio 44710.


Withdrawal requirements:

All students who drop their course load to zero (0) hours must return:

  • Attrition survey
  • Exit checklist
  • ID badges
  • Inactive form (if applicable)
  • Laboratory or course equipment
  • Library books
  • Magnetic strip badge
  • Parking permits (if applicable)

Students not returning the above items will be charged a fee for replacement costs.

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