Radiography Program Admission

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Radiography Program Admission

Associate of Science Degree Radiography Program Admission


Thank you for your interest in applying to the Radiography Program at Aultman College! Graduates of this program earn an Associate of Science in Radiography degree and are eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AART) certification exam. Applicants to the Radiography Program must be accepted into and meet all admission requirements for Aultman College.




Admission into the Aultman College Radiography Program is selective and is geared toward admitting students who show potential for handling the rigorous program curriculum. To be considered for admission to the Radiography Program, applicants must meet the following admission requirements:


High School Applicants

1. Applicant must have a high school GPA of 3.00 or better or GED score of 2250 or better.


2. An ACT score of 20 or better or SAT combined score of 950 or better.

3. Applicants who have completed dual enrollment/post-secondary coursework, please refer to the Transfer Applicant’s section below.


Transfer Applicants

1. Must have a college GPA of 2.5 or greater with 6 credit hours or more of coursework based on most recent college transcript.


If you meet these criteria, you are eligible to be considered for admission to the Radiography Program upon completion of all application requirements. Selection of applicants is based on a ranking system. 


Additional Requirements


If you are admitted into the Radiography Program at Aultman College, your final acceptance is subject to:  

  • Completing and returning the reservation form and fee
  • Completing and providing documentation of a four-hour radiography job shadowing experience in a medical facility radiography department
  • Completing the online criminal background check and fingerprinting procedure
  •  Completing all aspects of the pre-admission physical, immunization and drug-screening requirements
  • Submitting evidence of current BLS Health Care Provider CPR certification from the American Heart Association
  • Receiving the Hepatitis "B" surface antibody series (recommended) or declining the Hepatitis "B" surface antibody series by completing the declination form

Aultman College Student Health Insurance Policy

Aultman College requires all students in the AS Nursing and Allied Health Program to have health insurance. Students who do not have health insurance must purchase their own policy. Good health is essential to academic success, and adequate insurance will help get the care needed to maintain good health.


For further information about the steps necessary to become a student in the Radiography Program at Aultman College, please visit the "I've Been Accepted. What's Next?" tab. 


Radiography Program Application deadline:

Fall 2015 Admission - February 1, 2015

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