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Service Learning Guidelines

What is service learning?
As part of Aultman College’s General Education philosophy, graduates are expected to exemplify certain core abilities that are addressed through their academic experience. One of these core abilities is to model ethical and civic responsibility. As such, Aultman College believes in the relationship between academic learning and community involvement. Therefore, Aultman College students enrolling in the Fall Semester of 2011 and beyond are required to complete 16 hours of volunteer service learning prior to graduation.

Why is service learning important?
Service learning helps students develop critical thinking skills along with personal and civic responsibility.  Students participate in activities that allow them to exhibit professional, personal, and academic honesty, and to act cooperatively and work effectively in diverse environments by respecting the rights, views, and work of others.

How do I do meet my service learning requirement?

a.       Find a service learning activity that fits your interests and schedule. The attached list includes agencies and activities that are pre-approved for service learning. If you would like to complete your service learning at an agency not on the pre-approved list, please complete the attached application and return it to the front desk ATTN: Service Learning Coordinator, for approval prior to scheduling your activity. You will receive an email regarding approval of your activity.

b.      Arrange your service learning activity.

c.       Ask your contact person to complete the evaluation form, verifying the hours worked and completed activities.

d.      Make a copy of the evaluation form for your records.

e.       Submit the evaluation form to the front desk ATTN: Service Learning Coordinator.

f.       Periodically verify you are receiving proper credit for your service learning by checking your degree audit on the WiseLine.

Important Points

  • Aultman College staff/faculty will randomly touch base with agency personnel to check on student performance.
  • You cannot participate in service learning experiences at your place of employment or during work hours.
  • Please do not wear your clinical uniform to your service learning activity.
  • Please remember that you are acting in the role of a volunteer, not a healthcare professional.  You are only permitted to take part in activities at your service learning site that would be allowed of any other non-healthcare volunteer.  You are not permitted to do any documentation with "Aultman College Student" status.  If you are providing instruction, all teaching materials must be approved by course faculty prior to use.
  • Students volunteering for Aultman Health Foundation must review and adhere to the volunteer confidentiality and volunteer dress code guidelines established by Aultman Health Foundation during service learning activities.

Application and Evaluation

Service Learning Opportunities in the Community

Service Learning Opportunities at Aultman College

Service Learning Opportunities at Aultman Health Foundation

Aultman College students may have the opportunity to volunteer at Aultman Hospital through the Aultman Hospital Volunteer Services Office. Volunteer Services is responsible for all volunteers in Aultman Hospital. We link appropriate volunteers to services that need to be accomplished. Volunteer hours at Aultman Hospital can be used for service learning required by the Division of Nursing education program. Services are provided for employees, physicians, patients, and visitors. Volunteers provide any service possible to enhance patient stays, and fulfill requests from hospital departments. We are often called upon by other departments to carry out special assignments that would be difficult for most hospital departments to perform. We also do anything possible to help patients and visitors with special needs. Volunteers sign in and out using a touch screen computer. Volunteer hours are tracked through a back office system in the office.

 Location: The Volunteer Services Office is located on the north side of the main floor near the lobby and the 6th street entrance in Aultman Hospital. It consists of a director's office, main office, small lounge, and sign-in/locker area. The office is open from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Voice mail is available to leave a message when staff is not available.

 Dress Code: Uniforms, Acceptable/Unacceptable

Volunteers are expected to be clean, neat, and well-groomed at all times.  Clean, pressed clothing appropriate for the job being done, should be worn with comfortable shoes and hose or socks. Proper identification (nursing badge) must be worn at all times while volunteering in the hospital.

The following items are not acceptable:

Sandals or open toe shoes

Shorts or Capri pants


Low-cut tops

Shirts with inappropriate imprints

Visible tattoos

Extreme hairstyles (unusual colors, etc)

 Application Instructions for Aultman Health Foundation:

If you are interested in volunteering at Aultman Health Foundation, please click here to indicate your area of interest and availability and to submit your application.  Don't wait until the last minute as opportunities may fill fast. 

Application deadlines:

November 1 for Fall semester

March 1 for Spring semester

Please be sure to include your e-mail address and phone number on your application. You will receive an e-mail to schedule your volunteer hours after your application has been received. If you would like to be contacted via phone, please specify on your application.

If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Office at 330.363.6368.

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