Student Meal Plan Options

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Student Meal Plan Options

Aultman College, along with Aultman Hospital Food Services Department, offers an optional tiered meal plan program. The meal eliminates the need to carry cash at the Hospital by allowing students to store value on their magnetic strip ID badges and swipe the badges for food and beverage purchases from Season's Cafe (Bedford Building), Breakaway Cafe (2nd floor cafeteria), and 7th Street Cafe.

The following three plans are available for consideration:

1. $145 per semester + $10.00 processing fee = $155.00

2. $303 per semester + $10.00 processing fee = $313.00

3. $385 per semester + $10.00 processing fee = $395.00

If you are interested in participating in this service, simply complete the Aultman College Meal Plan form and return it along with your check or money order at your earliest convenience to ensure availability by the start of the semester to:

Aultman College, Director of Finance

2600 Sixth Street SW

Canton, Ohio 44710

If you have any questions about the meal plan option, please contact the Director of Finance at  330.363.2834 or the Student Life Office at 330-363-4280.

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