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Aultman College Debuts Virtual Dissection Table

Starting in 2018, anatomy and physiology courses at Aultman College will have a whole new look and feel thanks to a new virtual dissection table called the Anatomage Table.

North Canton Medical Foundation members testing out Anatomage Table with captions 

The state-of-the-art visualization system resembles a gigantic tablet computer, preloaded with extensive information and renderings of the structures and systems of the human body. Using the table, instructors and students can view bones, muscles, nerves, glands, and organs and can manipulate the objects on the screen.


Aultman College is one of only a handful of schools in Ohio that have an Anatomage Table.


“The Anatomage table has the potential to positively impact the learning experience of all students at Aultman College,” said Dr. Amanda Espenschied-Reilly, dean of foundational education and health professions. “While it will be launched first in our anatomy and physiology courses, we have plans to weave it into the curriculum of additional courses and all current academic programs.”


Jen Hillyer, associate professor of anatomy and physiology, is leading the curriculum development utilizing the new table. “I am excited about this as it mimics the technology that our students use outside of the classroom, which I think will increase their comfort levels and confidence with learning new materials,” she said. “It also allows us to provide a safe, chemical-free dissection experience for students.”

Professor and two students working on Anatomage Table with captions 

A portion of the table’s cost was funded through a generous grant from the North Canton Medical Foundation.