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Testing Out of Courses with Credit by Exam (CBE)

Aultman College currently offers a Credit by Exam (CBE) for HSC 120 Language of Medicine. The passing grade for all exams is 73%. The fee for each exam is $200. Specific information about the CBE including requirements to test can be found in the Credit by Exam Policy below. For more information about CBE opportunities, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Credit by Exam Policy

Eligible students may earn credit for designated Aultman College courses through successful completion of a Credit By Exam (Institutionally Administered) (CBE). CBE is not available for courses for which CLEP or other external exam mechanisms exist.

Exams are comprehensive in nature, represent coverage of all course competencies, and are designed to assure that successful performance indicates student mastery equivalent to that expected upon completion of the full Aultman College course. Students must prepare for the exam on their own and are not eligible for tutoring, study guides or faculty support. prior to the exam. A current list of eligible courses, CBE request form, exam calendar, passing test scores, and related fees are available on the college website.

Credit awarded via CBIE will be:

  • reflected on the student’s Aultman College transcript with an S (and therefore not calculated in the student’s Grade Point Average [GPA]);
  • counted toward the Aultman College residency requirement;
  • and capped at a maximum of six (6) semester credits. 

A non-refundable, non-transferrable fee is charged for each exam. Students who are absent for the CBE at the designated testing time forfeit the fee payment. Should the student fail the CBE, the exam fee will not be applied toward the tuition for the course.

To be eligible to take a Credit By Institutional Exam, a student must:

  • have all program admission requirements completed, including all transcripts on file. 
  • be currently enrolled as an active student in the applicable program at Aultman College.
  • be in good academic standing, with a 2.0 GPA.
  • be otherwise eligible for enrollment in the course (i.e., Student has met placement and prerequisite standards and is within the allowable number of course attempts, etc.).
  • not be currently enrolled in the course.
  • not previously have attempted or audited the course at Aultman College.
  • not previously have attempted to challenge the course via any credit by exam.
  • have completed the Credit by Exam Request Form.
  • have paid the exam fee.

Exceptions to these eligibility requirements must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

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