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Information Technology

Student Responsibility and Accountability

  • Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all College policies and procedures applicable to the use of technology resources.
  • Students who observe an infraction of the Aultman College Technology Resources Acceptable and Responsible Use Policy should report the violation immediately to a College staff or faculty member.
  • A student is the steward of all information technology resources at his/her access. Common sense in the use/handling of all technology and associated information is expected.
  • The College provides technology resources to students for education and research purposes. Incidental personal use of Aultman College technology resources should be limited. Priority will be given to individuals using technology for academic or professional purposes.
  • Students are prohibited from using Aultman College technology resources for personal gain or for solicitation efforts that do not directly support College business or interests.
  • Students are responsible for owning a personal mobile device that complies with the college technical requirements. Devices unable to meet the hardware and software requirements are not acceptable for use. Students are expected to bring their device fully charged (minumim 2 hour battery life) for classroom activities. Minimum hardware requirements can be found in the current College Catalog within the Technology Resources Acceptable and Responsible Use Policy.

IT Issues

Report issues to Aultman College IT at aultmancollegeit@aultmancollege.edu or by calling 330.363.9010. Limited off-hour support is available from 4:30 pm to midnight for general issues such as a password reset or accessing the LMS.  During off-hours email help.desk@aultman.com for support and include as much information about the problem as possible. 


Provide the following information when requesting assistance:

  •  First and last name
  •  Computer ID (refer to the C-number located on the desktop)
  •  Application or software name
  •  Description of the issue
  •  Error message (when applicable)
  •  Contact information

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