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General Information

Terms of Payment

Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences requires the following payment terms:

1.      All charges for tuition and fees are due by the end of the add/drop period.  

2.      Students may elect to participate in the Aultman Payment Plan. Students electing this plan will be assessed a processing fee and their accounts must be paid in full by the end of the semester.

Please contact the billing office for information regarding the Aultman Payment Plan.

When students receive financial aid that covers more than one semester, they may choose to keep those funds in their Aultman College account.  If so, they will complete a form to retain that credit balance.

Authorization to Retain Credit Balance Form

Billing Statements

Students entering the College for their first semester will receive the first billing statement at their Student Services appointment.  This is the only paper statement that is received.  Students are responsible for accessing all further billing statements on the Student Portal.

Unpaid Balances

All students with unpaid balances at the end of the semester are subject to administrative withdrawal from the College. Administrative withdrawal results in no credit or grades earned for the academic semester.

Students with outstanding balances may not register for classes, receive grades or participate in graduation ceremonies. They may not receive a diploma or transcript of grades. Accounts with unpaid balances, regardless of payment form, may be sent to a third party for collection. 

Release of Billing Information

Students may authorize Aultman College to release billing information to their parents or other individuals.  To give the College permission to share this information, the student must complete a form authorizing the release of their information. 

Student Information Release Form 

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