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LMS for Hybrid Courses

Aultman College offers select courses in a hybrid format. Hybrid courses combine online learning experiences and activities with traditional classroom meetings. Hybrid courses meet part of their scheduled time in the classroom and part of the time online. The course requirements are met through both online and in-class assignments and activities. Online consumption of information and student discussion occurs asynchronously, meaning that students can access course materials and lectures 24 hours a day, seven days a week from their home or chosen workstation. Amvonet is the learning management system (LMS) platform used by Aultman College for providing distance learning to students. The links below provide access to the LMS system and a Student User Guide.


LMS Student Guide

Report issues to Aultman College IT at aultmancollegeit@aultman.com or by calling
330.363.1283 or 330.363.1126 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Off-hour limited support is available at 330.363.6238.

Provide the following information when requesting assistance:

  •  First and last name
  •  Computer being used (campus or personal)
  •  Name of application or software (i.e. CAMS portal, Amvonet, Aultman College.edu, etc.)
  •  Describe what how the system was being used when the issue occurred (i.e. Login,accessing/viewing content after logging in, saving changes, navigating system, etc.)
  •  Error message (when applicable)
  •  Contact information (Email and phone number)
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