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Associate of Science in Radiography (ASR) Program

Graduates of the ASR program are prepared to be radiologic technologists.  Radiologic technologists use radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment to create images that assist radiologists in diagnosing and treating diseases. Graduates are prepared to sit for the National Certification Examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).  Once registered and licensed, graduates are eligible for employment in hospitals, clinics or physician offices as registered radiologic technologists RT(R).  Graduates have an opportunity to further their health care careers by obtaining additional certification in advanced radiography modalities.

Program Effectiveness Data

Graduation Year

ARRT Exam Pass Rate*

Job Placement Rate**

Program Completion Rate***


73.3% (11out of 15)

87.5% (7 out of 8)

75% (15 out of 20)


No cohort

No cohort

No cohort


100% (14 out of 14)

100% (10 out of 10)

77% (14 out of 18)


100% (11 out of 11)

100% (9 out of 9)

100% (11 out of 11)


100% (9 out of 9)

85.7% (6 out of 7)

100% (11 out of 11)

5 year average

93.3 %



*ARRT Exam Pass Rate-1st time examinees within 6 months of graduation

** Job Placement Rate-Graduates actively seeking employment within 12 months of graduation effective January 1. 2014

***Program Completion Rate-Number of graduates vs. the number of students enrolled



The Associate of Science in Radiography Program is accredited by:

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, Illinois 60606-3182




The mission of the Associate of Science in Radiography program is to provide quality education to prepare students as entry-level radiographers. The program advocates lifelong learning and professional growth so that graduates will continue to positively impact the community.


• The philosophy of the ASR program is to prepare graduates who are competent in the art and science of radiography. The graduate of this program receives an Associate of Science Degree in Radiography and is prepared to sit for the National Certification Examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

• The primary responsibility of the program is to guide students in achieving educational goals. A comprehensive curriculum is provided that consists of a broad base of knowledge and diverse clinical experiences. The curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop skills in conceptual understanding, analytical judgment, critical thinking, and the ability to problem solve in the performance of radiologic procedures.

• Students are encouraged to identify individual learning styles and develop study methods that permit the acquisition and retention of knowledge and concepts. Principles of ethics are demonstrated that build character and professional attributes. Clinical skills are developed that instill appropriate attitudes and foster affective growth in providing care and responding to patient needs during imaging procedures.

• The ASR program is designed to encourage success and develop lifelong learning patterns. The program has specific learning objectives and outcomes, contained in the course outlines and syllabi that articulate the educational achievements to be accomplished.



The goals of the program are to make sure that the following are met:

1. Students will demonstrate competence in the essential skills of medical imaging and treatment.

2. Students will communicate effectively and professionally in the medical environment.

3. Students will demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving skills and life-long learning.

4. Students will demonstrate professional values and ethical behaviors.

5. Graduates will function as a competent, entry-level professional that meets the health care needs of the community.



• Students will apply positioning skills.

• Student will select appropriate technical factors.

• Students will practice radiation protection.

• Students will use effective oral communication skills in clinical environment.

• Students will practice written communication skills.

• Students will manipulate technical factors for non-routine examinations.

• Students will adapt positioning for trauma patients.

• Students will determine the importance of continued professional development.

• Students will understand appropriate ethical decisions.

• Graduates will pass the ARRT national certification on the 1st attempt.

• Graduates will be gainfully employed within 12 months post-graduation.

• Students who enroll will complete the program.

• Graduates will be satisfied with their education.

• Employers will be satisfied with the performance of newly hired radiographers.



The ASR program is committed to its mission and to continuous improvement of its programs and services.

Assessment is the ongoing process of evaluating student academic achievements. Students, faculty, staff, and external constituencies are asked to participate in assessment and institutional effectiveness activities that may include, but are not limited to, examination, performance assessments, questionnaires, surveys, focus groups, interviews, learning journals, portfolios, case studies, comprehensive exams and follow-up studies.


ASR Clinical Sites Information

Two (2) afternoon clinical assignments are required during the fifth semester of the ASR program.

All students will rotate through all nine (9) clinical sites below through-out the course of the ASR program.    


AULTMAN HEALTH FOUNDATION                                           

2600 Sixth Street S.W.

Canton, Ohio  44710

(330) 363-3520



2021 Wales Ave. NW

Massillon, Ohio 44646 

(330) 834-1111



6100 Whipple Ave. NW

North Canton, Ohio 44720

(330) 305-6999



2302 Fulton Rd. NW

Canton, Ohio 44709

(330) 454-7237



4650 Hills and Dales NW- 2nd floor

Canton, Ohio 44718

(330) 491-9675



832 South Main St.

Orrville, Ohio 44667

(330) 832-6985



6046 Whipple Ave. NW

North Canton, OH 44720

(330) 433-1408



875 Eighth Street NE

Massillon, Ohio 44646




2815 Aaronwood

Massillon, Ohio 44646



ASR Residency Requirement

In order to graduate with an ASR degree from Aultman College, 36 credit hours must be completed at Aultman College (approximately 50% of degree requirement).

Graduation Requirements

·        A minimum of 73 credit hours

·        39 general education credit hours

·        34 radiography credit hours

·        Residency course requirements apply

·        Clinical competency requirements met

Click here to view the Initial Fall 2011 ASR Curriculum Plan.

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Click here to view the Revised Fall 2014 ASR Curriculum


View the 2014-2015 College Catalog here.

View the 2014-2015 Student Handbook here.




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