Transfer Credit Appeal Process

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Transfer Credit Appeal Process

Following the evaluation of a student transcript from another institution, Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences shall provide the student with a Statement of Student Transfer Courses.  At the same time Aultman College will inform the student of the institution’s appeals process.  This process is multi-level and responses will be issued promptly. 


In the event that a student wishes to appeal a course transfer decision rendered by the Office of the Registrar at Aultman College, the student shall follow the process herein:


1.       If the student disagrees with the awarding of transfer credit, they have until three weeks prior to the student's expected graduation date to complete the appeal of the award.


2.       Complete the Transfer Credit Appeal Form which is found on the College website.


3.      Submit the completed Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form to the College front office where it will be date and time stamped by the front office staff.  The appeal form will be delivered to the Chief Academic Officer.  Please keep a copy for your own record.


The Chief Academic Officer will re-evaluate the course(s) for which the student is requesting reconsideration in consultation with the appropriate Division Director.  Once the re-evaluation is complete the student will be notified of this final decision.  This process should be complete within 2 weeks of the date of the appeal request.

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