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2nd Chance Grant

Many lives were changed by the coronavirus, and for college students some needed to drop out of college due to the different learning environments, financial burdens, home life, and more. Aultman College proudly assists those students who may have college credits but did not graduate to see if they are eligible for Ohio’s Department of Education’s Second Chance Grant Pilot Program.

The goal of the Second Chance Grant is to help reduce the financial burden on students who stopped attending college due to the cost. The state of Ohio’s objective with the grant is to increase the number of Ohioans with degrees and help reduce the current workforce needs.

Ohio’s Department of Education Second Chance Grant Pilot Program provides students with $2,000, which started in the spring 2022 semester. Information on the eligibility for the Second Chance Grant is as follows:

  • The re-enrollee is a resident of the State of Ohio.
  • The re-enrollee has not obtained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
  • The re-enrollee disenrolled (“stopped out”) from a institution of higher education in Ohio and did not transfer to another institution of higher education in the three semesters (four quarters) immediately following the disenrollment.
  • The re-enrollee was in good academic standing with no record of disciplinary issues (including suspension or expulsion) at the time of disenrollment.
  • The re-enrollee enrolls in a qualifying institution within five years of their disenrollment.
  • The re-enrollee’s start of re-enrollment will be on or after January 1, 2022.
  • The re-enrollee is not enrolled in the College Credit Plus program.
  • The re-enrollee completes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and applies for any federal and state need-based grants and/or scholarships to which the student would be entitled as verified by the receiving institution.
  • The re-enrollee is pursuing a credential or degree beyond that which they already possess (i.e., if the student possesses an associate degree, the student is pursuing a bachelor’s degree).
  • The re-enrollee is not a recipient of one of the following state-supported scholarships: Choose Ohio First Scholarship, Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund, War Orphans and Severely Disabled Veterans’ Scholarship Program, or Ohio National Guard Scholarship.

For more information about Aultman College and how to apply for the 2nd Chance Grant, contact the recruiter at [email protected].