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Transfer Students

Aultman College welcomes applications from students who meet college admission criteria and wish to transfer to Aultman College from another higher education institution.  Transfer students should follow the Aultman College application process.  At least one semester with six credits or more of college coursework must be completed to be eligible for transfer.  Transfer students accepted into degree programs should review the residency requirements of their degree program to determine the number of course hours that must be taken at Aultman College to be eligible for graduation.

At Aultman College, we strive to make the transition process for transfer students as straightforward as possible. After a student is accepted, we conduct a transfer credit analysis where we assess official transcripts to determine credit equivalencies. Then, students have the choice to either accept or appeal their transfer credit awards.

Transfer credit may be granted for advanced placement (AP) coursework, college level examination programs (CLEPs) or coursework completed at other institutions.  Please refer to the Aultman College Transfer Credit Equivalencies Form for specific details. 

Official Transcript Requirements

In order to receive transfer credit, students must submit official transcripts from all previously attended institutions. Official transcripts must be:

  • Written in English
  • Stamped with the official school seal
  • Signed by the appropriate school official
  • Sealed in an envelope

Aultman College Transfer Credit Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for transferring credits at Aultman College:

  • Transfer credit awards become FINAL three (3) weeks prior to a student’s expected graduation date. All appeals and submissions must be completed prior to that final date.
  • A maximum of 32 transfer semester credit hours can be granted towards a degree in accordance with Aultman College’s 41 hour residency requirement.
  • Math and science courses must be completed within seven (7) years of the semester date of the request, and must be completed with a grade of B or better.
  • Program specific courses (e.g. nursing and radiography) must be completed within three (3) years of the semester date of the request, and must be completed with a grade of C or better.
  • Transferrable courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.
    • If a student does not complete a pre-requisite course with a C or better, a higher level course cannot be used for transfer credit.
    • Transfer courses must match or exceed the semester credit hour requirement for Aultman College courses. 5.0 and 4.0 quarter hour courses will be considered equivalent to a 3.0 semester credit hour course.
    • Aultman College reserves the right to determine the acceptability of transfer credits in accordance with its regulatory bodies and College policies.
    • If a student disagrees with the awarding of transfer credit, they must complete the Appeal Procedure three (3) weeks prior to their expected graduation date.
    • Grades from awarded transfer credits are reflected on the student’s Aultman College transcript; however, they are not reflected in the student’s grade point average (GPA). 

Transfer Credit Appeal Process

Following the evaluation of a student transcript from another institution, Aultman College provides a Statement of Student Transfer Courses.  In the event that you wish to appeal a course transfer decision rendered by the Office of the Registrar at Aultman College, you must complete the following process:

  1. Wait until three (3) weeks prior to your expected graduation date to appeal the award.
  2. Complete the Transfer Credit Appeal Request Form.
  3. Submit the completed Transfer Credit Appeal Request Form and course syllabus to the front office, where it will be date and time stamped by the front office staff. The appeal form will then be delivered to the Chief Academic Officer. Please keep a copy for your own record.
  4. The Chief Academic Officer will re-evaluate the course(s) for which you are requesting reconsideration in a consultation with the appropriate Division Director. 
  5. Once the re-evaluation is complete, you will be notified of the final decision. This process should be completed within 2 weeks of the date of the appeal request.

For any questions regarding transfer credit, please contact Aultman College.

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