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3 Overlooked Facts About Getting into College

As you begin your journey to find the right college, here are three key facts students can miss in their search.

  1 Many Programs are "Double-Acceptance"

Most students think they can apply to a college or university for their chosen major, get accepted, and that’s the end of it.

But for many programs, students must be accepted both into the college and into the specific program, i.e. nursing, social work, etc.

In fact, some students may spend up to two years working toward their degree before finding out that they don’t have a "seat" in the final sequence of courses needed to graduate.

  2 Many  Programs Require "Pre-Majoring"

Through this admission practice, students apply to a university and are admitted, but only as a "pre-XXX" major.

As a pre-major, students take foundational education courses for a year or two before applying for a seat in the professional division of the program. A board or admissions committee will review the applicant’s grades and résumé, request references, and may even conduct an interview.

  3 Many Programs Have Limited Spots Available

At some colleges or universities, there are more than 200 students vying for fewer than 30 seats in the professional division of the program.

If you are selected, you can continue working toward your chosen degree. But for students who are not selected, the options are discouraging. Applying again the next cycle, transferring to another school or changing majors can be a drain on time, energy and finances.

The Alternative

 We recommend students look for programs that admit directly into their major. Students who are accepted into Aultman College are directly admitted into their program/major at the same time they are accepted into the college. 

So if you’re still in your research phase, here are some questions to ask your admissions advisor:

  • Do you admit directly into the program I am interested in? Or do students start as "pre-majors" and apply for a seat in the professional division?
  • What are the application criteria for the professional division of the program I'm interested in?
  • How many students are pre-majors? And how many seats are available in the professional division each year for these students to apply to?
  • What happens if students don’t make it into the professional division the first time they apply? What options do you offer?

Interested in learning more about Aultman College’s direct admission programs? 

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