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Associate of Science in Nursing Program
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Associate of Science in Nursing Program

Aultman College accepted the last group of students for the ASN program in fall 2017. There are no more entrance opportunities.

If you are interested in a nursing degree, Aultman College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and a BSN Completion Program (RN to BSN).

Students in the ASN program will have until spring semester 2020 to complete their ASN degree at Aultman College. After that semester, students who have not completed their ASN will be guided toward alternatives.

Aultman College will continue providing instruction to all students in the ASN program through the end of spring semester 2020.

For questions regarding the ASN transition, please contact the recruitment team at 330-363-3176.

The information on this page is archival in nature and is presented for students currently in the ASN program at Aultman College.

Admission Requirements

High school applicants must have:

  • A high school GPA of 3.00 or higher OR A GED score of 2250 or higher
  • An ACT score of 20 or higher/SAT combined score of 950 or higher

Transfer applicants must have:

  • Six (6) or more credit hours of college coursework with a GPA of 2.5 or higher based on the most recent college transcript

Transfer Credits

Aultman College will evaluate each applicant’s earned credits from all official post-secondary transcripts to ensure that the earned credits meet an 80% content match and are consistent with Aultman College’s course levels. If the earned credits are consistent with the Aultman College course requirements, they will be reviewed on an individual basis. See the transfer credit policy for more details.

ASN Residency Requirement

In order to graduate with an ASN degree from Aultman College, 41 credit hours must be completed on campus.

Graduation Requirements

  • A minimum of 73 credit hours
  • 42 general education credit hours
  • 31 nursing credit hours
  • Completion of ASN residency requirements
  • Completion of NCLEX review course
  • Submission of ASN Academic Portfolio

Clinical Rotations

As part of Aultman College’s ASN program, students must complete a set number of clinical hours under the direct guidance of Aultman College faculty, in a variety of settings.

ASN Resources

Please review the following resources for more information about the ASN program’s framework and objectives:

Licensure Information

Program Accreditation and Program Effectiveness Data

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing


Aultman College Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) ASN program holds full accreditation. The next scheduled visit is planned for 2020. 

Click here to review the Associate of Science in Nursing curriculum plan.

Click here to review the Associate of Science in Nursing program effectiveness data.




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