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Population Health Minor

Population Health Minor

The option to minor in population health is available to all Aultman College students.

This minor helps professionals consider the psycho, social, economic, and biological determinants of health as they seek to help individuals and populations. Health organizations that identify these determinants then can manage care more economically and efficiently for all involved.


Population Health Minor Requires:

Course            Course name                                                                   

HSC 135          Principles of Health Education (3 credit hours)

HSC 140          Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (3 credit hours)


Choose any 12 credit hours of the following courses:

Course                     Course name                                                         

HSC 204                  Medical/ legal aspects of Health Care (3 credit hours)

HSC  217                 Quality Improvement in Healthcare (3 credit hours)

HSC 312                  Population Health Communication  (3 credit hours)

HSC 345                  Health and Aging (3 credit hours)

HSC 360                  Navigating the Health System (3 credit hours)

HSC 407                  Public & Population Health Informatics (3 credit hours)

HSC 427                  Mobile Health (3 credit hours)

HSC 201                  Health Informatics (3 credit hours)*

HSC 310                  Cultural Competencies in Healthcare (3 credit hours)*

HSC 320                  Contemporary Concepts in Population Health (3 credit hours)

HSC 350                  Health Diagnostics (3 credit hours)

HSC 410                  Program Surveys and Analysis (3 credit hours)

HSC 450                  Population Health Systems (3 credit hours)

PSC 305                  Politics of Healthcare (3 credit hours)

SOC 305                  Sociology of Health and Illness (3 credit hours)

SOC 333                  Social and Behavioral Theories of Public Health (3 credit hours)

*Courses that covered/co-listed in the Nursing Curriculum currently


Prospective students should contact the college recruiter at [email protected] with questions. Current students should contact their advisor to fill out the declaration form or get help with questions.

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