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Population Health Minor

BSN completion students may choose to complete a minor in population health beginning in Spring 2016.  Students wishing to declare a population health minor must complete a minor declaration form with the academic advisor and successfully complete 12 credit hours from the following courses:

HSC 450: Population Health Systems                                                                                3.0 credit hours

This course will use information technology to survey defined populations and assess their health status.  It will explore the relationship of health policy, current payment structure, and delivery.  The student will identify successful models of population health delivery.  The student will gain an understanding of gaps in current delivery models.  The course will explore methods to identify community resources. 
Prerequisite: NRS 402: Informatics for Clinical Judgment

HSC 130: Helping Skills                                                                                                    3.0 credit hours 

This course is designed to identify and facilitate fundamental helping skills for health care professionals.  It will help students identify the professional distinction between helping skills and counseling and provide an opportunity for students to learn and practice basic helping skills.  In addition, this course will address other aspects of self and others that are critical to having successful human relationships (i.e., understanding one’s self, communicating effectively, solving problems, managing conflict, responding to a crisis, dealing with difficult people, handling groups of people, behaving ethically, and achieving personal wellness).
Prerequisite: PSY 111: Intro to Psychology

SOC 333: Social and Behavioral Theories of Public Health                                                    3.0 credit hours

This course will examine the social and behavior theories of public health and their impact on health delivery.  The student will develop approaches to surveying the market and understand the relationship to public health theory.  The course will provide an overview of contemporary research and strategies to health change. 
Prerequisite: SOC 121: Intro to Sociology

HSC 350: Health Diagnostics                                                                                              3.0 credit hours 

This course will identify common manifestation and progression of chronic disease.  It will explore various diagnostics and treatment modalities and provide guidelines and considerations for various testing.  It will provide strategies to develop a systematic approach to identify community resources for patient access. 
Prerequisites: NRS 300: Health Assessment and BIO 315: Pathophysiology

HSC 360: Navigating the Health System                                                                               3.0 credit hours

Final course description forthcoming
Topics to cover: long term use of health care system, integrating services, use of health care system during terminal illness, how to access services, care coordination models

Prospective students should contact the college recruiter at recruiter@aultmancollege.edu with questions. Current students should contact their advisor to fill out the declaration form or get help with questions.

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