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Aultman College Now Accepting Students Without Test Scores for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

Starting Fall 2022, Aultman College has a test-optional policy for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Under this new policy, high school graduates can apply for admission to the BSN program without submitting SAT or ACT test scores.

The implementation of a test-optional path for our BSN program provides options for students. “Standardized test scores aren’t a valid indicator of student success anymore,” says Kellie Blinn, an admissions advisor at the college. While students can still expect the same academic rigor, it opens more doors for students to enroll and discover the Aultman College advantage. Small class sizes and staff who truly care are part of the reason Aultman College students are successful.

High school graduates have two options for enrollment into the BSN program. Potential students who utilize the test optional path must have a minimum 3.2 cumulative high school grade point average.  In addition to the test optional path, students may also be admitted if they have a minimum 3.0 cumulative high school grade point average and a minimum 20 composite ACT score (or SAT or Accuplacer equivalent).  Aultman College encourages students to take still take a standardized test to receive an admission scholarship. The first opportunity for potential students to take advantage of the new test-optional policy is for Fall 2022 semester. Students can apply for Fall semester today until August 1, 2022.