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Donors Add to A Student’s Support System

Katie finefrock When Kate Finefrock saw the email that she had been awarded a scholarship, her initial reaction was that it was spam. “I was at clinicals and checked my email. When I saw the ‘Congratulations!’ I thought it was one of those spam emails where they tell you you’ve won a free TV. Then I read it, and I was so excited. I called my mom and said, I’ was awarded a scholarship!’”

Kate’s mom is just one member of her strong support system that encourages her on her journey to a fulfilling career. That support system expanded when she chose Aultman College, where she is a student in the associate of applied science in radiography program. Like many Aultman College students, she took a winding path to settle on a healthcare career, spending a year attending two other local colleges pursuing other majors before discovering the radiology field. “I really liked the hands-on aspect of the career, the job prospects, and the education at Aultman College,” said Kate. “Then, when I became a student here and got so close with my classmates, it gave me an added support system that helped me get through the challenging times.”

Kate said that receiving the 1892 Scholarship gave her not only a financial boost, but a mental boost as well. “I have more debt than I would like to, so receiving this scholarship helped me feel a little less financial pressure. I have been working at Vincent’s Pastaria since I was in high school and now in college. Working, going to school and attending clinicals can really be a juggling act, so this really helped. I’ve also been really fortunate to have an employer who is supportive of my career goals and works with me so I can still earn money while I am in school.”

Kate will graduate in May 2023 and is very excited about the job opportunities that lie ahead for her in the field of radiography. She wants scholarship donors to understand how important their contributions are to Aultman College students, how much they are appreciated and how they help ensure that our communities will be served by well-trained professionals. “Aultman College is really a special place,” said Kate. “There are so many different age groups, from students there who are going to school while supporting families, to students who are 18 and fresh out of high school. It’s an intense education, and everyone is working really hard to earn their degrees and pass their certification exams. Having donors who believe in us really does help us feel even more supported.”

You can help ensure our community has dedicated healthcare providers like Kate by clicking here to donate to Aultman College or contacting Vi Leggett to set up an endowed scholarship.