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Increased Safety Measures at Aultman College

Our goal at Aultman Health Foundation is to provide a safe environment for everyone. As a result of an incident that occured on Aultman property, Aultman Security Services has increased staffing and patrols around the campus – and Canton City Police is also ramping up patrols in the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to these measures, we are:

  • Developing a voluntary self-defense course for Aultman staff, students and volunteers.
  • Removing exterior obstructions including trees and shrubs that impact lines of sight.
  • Evaluating parking lot lighting and installing LED upgrades as needed.
  • Studying main campus parking options for visitors and employees, in an effort to consolidate employees to one area.
  • Evaluating locations for additional emergency call boxes on the main campus.
  • Assessing electronic equipment: security cameras and associated hardware.


Although many efforts are underway to improve safety, every team member can also contribute to a safe environment. Here are some tips:

  1. Be alert at all times when entering/exiting work.
  2. Contact Security at 330-363-6268 for an escort to/from your vehicle. If you call Security from your cellphone in a parking lot, wait inside your vehicle with the doors locked until the Security officer arrives.
  3. There’s safety in numbers. Instead of walking alone from a parking lot or the deck, wait for another team member – and walk into or out of the building together.
  4. If you use the outdoor walking path on the main campus, consider walking with a companion.
  5. If you see any suspicious activity, notify Security immediately at 330-363-6777.



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