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AASR Curriculum Plan

Please review the complete lest of courses offered for the Associate of Applied Science in Radiography (AASR) program.  Radiography courses are only available during their designated semesters and must be completed on time in order to move forward in the program.  

Graduates of Aultman College's 65-hour Associate of Applied Science in Radiography (AASR) program are prepared to sit for the National Certification Examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Once they are certified, AASR graduates are eligible for employment in hospitals, clinics or physician offices as registered radiologic technologists RT(R).

Note: this curriculum plan applies only to students who begin the radiography program at Aultman College in fall 2017 or after.  Printer-friendly version


  Fall Semester One (14 credits)
RAD 112 Introduction to Radiography  2
RAD 114 Radiographic Anatomy & Positioning I  2
RAD 114c Clinical Practicum I  1
MTH 102 Mathematics for Health Professions   3
HSC 119 Medical Language  2
CSC 105 Introduction to Computer Science  2
PHY 105 Principles of Physics Biomedical Applications  2
  Spring Semester Two (14 credits)
RAD 124 Radiographic Anatomy & Positioning II 3
RAD 124c Clinical Practicum II
RAD 128 Radiographic Equipment & Computers
ENG 105 College Composition I 
BIO 105 Structure & Function I 
  Summer Semester Three (13 credits)
RAD 134 Radiographic Anatomy & Positioning III
RAD 134c Clinical Practicum III
RAD 246 Radiographic Pathology 
BIO 107 Structure & Function II 
COM 105 Public Speaking  OR  COM 107 Interpersonal Communications 
  Fall Semester Four (14 credits)
RAD 244 Radiographic Anatomy & Positioning IV 2
RAD 244c Clinical Practicum IV
RAD 138 Radiographic Imaging & Analysis 
PHL 104 Medical Ethics  
Social & Behavioral Science Elective
  Spring Semester Five (10 credits)
RAD 254 Radiographic Anatomy & Positioning V 
RAD 254c Clinical Practicum V 
RAD 248A Radiation Safety  
Arts & Humanities Elective
See the college catalog for available electives in established categories.

A student must complete prerequisite courses successfully in order to enroll in subsequent courses.  The AASR Progression Policy can be found in its entirety in the college catalog.

Contact Aultman College to learn more about the AASR curriculum plan.

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