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For everyone’s health and safety, we will be working and learning remotely until further notice. Our college building will also remain inaccessible during this time.

Though they may be altered, all college operations will continue in a remote/virtual manner to the best of our ability. We appreciate your continued understanding during this rapidly changing situation. The one thing that remains consistent is our desire to safely support you in your educational journey.

Please refer to the following FAQs about the college’s response.

If you need assistance, please email aultmancollege@aultmancollege.edu or call/text 330-363-6347.


Fall Semester 2020

Email Update from July 23, 2020

Since our last communication, we received questions about days/times for in-person offerings this fall. To help you plan your schedule as best as we can, we are able to share some additional information.

Again, please keep in mind that plans could change due to orders issued by state or local authorities and other factors outside of our control.

  • Remote learning: Most courses will be offered 100 percent online.
    • Some courses may require you to meet for the day/time noted on your schedule; others may allow you to complete work and testing by a deadline with no specific “live” components required. When in doubt, please check with your instructor.
  • Schedule for lecture courses: We have listed available information on specific courses here. For questions about any other courses, class sessions and assignments, please contact the instructor listed on your schedule. If you do not see an instructor listed on the schedule, please contact Dr. JoAnn Donnenwirth for nursing courses and Dr. Theresa Benzel for all other courses.
    • Nursing courses: All testing will be done on the day/time noted on your class schedule.
    • Radiography courses: Rad 11210 LEC will be done on the day/time noted on your class schedule.
    • Medical assisting courses: MAS 10810 done on the day/time noted on your class schedule.
    • Social work courses: These will occur online; please check with your instructor regarding any “live” components.
    • Health sciences courses: HSC 11510 will be held on the day/time noted on your class schedule.
    • Foundational education* (math, sciences, English, etc.) courses
      • BIO’s are course specific; please refer to the day/time noted on your class schedule and contact your instructor for questions.
      • COM 13810 sessions will be held on the day/time noted on your class schedule.
      • MTH 102 and MTH 10410 sessions will be held on the day/time noted on your class schedule.

(* any other courses not listed will be offered in an online format asynchronously, which means they will not require you to be present on a specific day/time for activities and testing)

  • Clinicals, practicums and field work: We are planning for you to return to these in-person experiences according to the day/time noted on your schedule.
    • During these experiences, we have notified all facilities and partners that Aultman College students will not provide care or services for a known or suspected COVID-19 positive patient or client.
    • This does not guarantee that students will not be exposed to positive COVID-19 patients/clients through the normal course of internships/fieldwork/practicums/clinicals. We cannot guarantee that all patients and clients are COVID-19 negative.
  • Nursing, radiography and medical assisting lab courses: We are preparing to offer portions of these courses on campus during the day/time noted on your schedule. For questions about lab course schedules, please contact your instructor.
  • Academic services and advising will continue to be offered remotely.
    • Student Success Center: Students who receive accommodations through the SSC are being surveyed this week about their preferences for testing services.
    • As a reminder, if you need to contact your adviser or book a virtual appointment, please find information and links at https://www.aultmancollege.edu/advising
    • Library: If you need assistance, please contact Sarah McGill, academic librarian, at 330-363-3471 or sarah.mcgill@aultmancollege.edu. You can also book a meeting with her.
  • Masks will be required at all times when you are on campus. Aultman College is providing a reusable cloth mask for all students to wear when you are on the premises. You are responsible for taking the mask home and laundering it, to return with a clean mask the next time you are on campus.
  • Safety glasses will be required in lab and clinical course settings. Prescription glasses by themselves do not fulfill this requirement. Aultman College is supplying one pair of safety glasses to students who are taking lab or clinical courses that meet on campus (this model fits over prescription glasses). You will be responsible for taking them home and cleaning the glasses before you return to campus for your next session.
  • Social distancing principles will be in practice throughout our buildings. The library and study areas will remain closed to discourage congregating.
  • Failure to meet requirements for masks, safety goggles and social distancing will result in one warning requiring immediate corrective action. A subsequent infraction will result in indefinite exclusion from campus/campus experiences and disciplinary action in accordance with student conduct policies.
  • You will be able to access campus this fall semester by going through a college-specific screening station. More information will be shared next month.
  • We are working on a plan to have printers/copiers available in the hallways for student use when you are on campus.

Lab and Parking Fees: Summer and Fall Semesters 2020

There will be no lab fees for summer and fall semester 2020 courses at Aultman College. Courses will still occur, but lab fees usually associated with these courses will not be charged for students who are enrolled in them for summer and fall semesters 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: because of how the student billing system functions, you will see the lab fee on your original summer semester 2020 bill. Those lab fees will be removed from your student bill on May 19 and not owed by the student. For questions, please contact Rachel Taylor at billing@aultmancollege.edu

As the majority of the summer and fall 2020 semesters will be online, we will not charge a parking fee for any students enrolled for summer and fall semesters 2020. You will still be able to use the gated student lot across from the college.

The technology fee will be applied to bills as software, online services, and support associated with this fee are being utilized at high volumes.


The recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act contained a provision to establish a Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. This fund provides money to colleges and universities so that they can issue emergency grants directly to students whose lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Aultman College was approved to receive money from this fund.
  • The application period for CARES emergency grants has ended.

 For reporting information about the administration of CARES Act funds, please visit the CARES Act reporting webpage.

Financial Assistance for Students

We are making options available to extend the due date on student account balances until December 2020 for currently enrolled students. As everyone’s situation is unique, you will need to make an appointment with our biller to work out a plan specific to your financial needs.

  • To set up a payment extension, you must book a meeting with Rachel Taylor, student billing specialist, by clicking this link. Rachel will be able to discuss your financial options and work with you to formulate a plan for payment. Please note that if you plan to graduate any semester in 2020, your balance must be paid in full by the end of the semester in which you intend to graduate.
  • We also are strongly urging all our students to file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You can do this entirely online, and it is free to complete it at www.fafsa.ed.gov. You could be missing out on thousands of dollars in federal and state loans and grants: the only way to find out is to file the FAFSA. If you need any assistance with the FAFSA, please email finaid@aultmancollege.edu


Front Desk Services

The college main line (330-363-6347) will take voicemails, which will be returned within one business day Monday-Friday. We encourage you to utilize the staff and faculty directory to contact the specific person you need to reach.


Student Resources for Online Learning

To access your courses online, log into the Learning Management System (LMS).

For contact information for technology support, visit our Information Technology page.

We are doing everything possible to preserve your educational experience and grant assistance and leeway to students. If you need help with course content, please contact your instructor. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, please email advisor@aultmancollege.edu

For students needing assistance with Internet access:

  • Comcast is offering 60 days of free internet for low-income families.  To sign up, visit www.internetessentials.com to apply.
  • Charter communications is offering free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a subscription. Those interested can call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households. Charter will also open Wi-Fi hot spots across its footprint for public use. https://tinyurl.com/tflvy5o


Graduation for Spring Semester 2020

On May 1, we conferred degrees for our graduating students for spring semester 2020. We created a celebration video to honor our graduates, and are working on identifying a more appropriate time in the future to honor them with a ceremony.



We are removing billing holds on student accounts that would have limited registration for future semesters; this only applies to students with billing holds on their spring semester 2020 account. We encourage you to pay via a check mailed to the college or via credit card by calling Keri Heppe at 330-316-6596 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.).



The library will no longer be physically accessible. You can access materials (journals and databases) on the library website.

If you need assistance, please contact Sarah McGill, academic librarian, at 330-363-3471 or sarah.mcgill@aultmancollege.edu. You can also book a meeting with her.


Student Success Center and Tutoring

The SSC will no longer be physically accessible. In-person tutoring has been moved online; please click here for the schedule. Etutoring through the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative is available via the SSC website. Students will be contacted individually regarding accommodations to take place remotely.

If you need assistance, please contact the center at 330-363-3233 or reach out to Sarah McGill at 330-363-3471 or sarah.mcgill@aultmancollege.edu.



Advisors are still available to plan courses and progression for upcoming semesters. For contact information and to book a meeting, visit the Advising page.


Health Services and Annual Requirements

The location of Health Services has moved to AultWorks. To schedule an appointment, please call 330-363-9371 or Health.Nurse@aultmancollege.edu
Students with expiring annual requirements are being contacted individually regarding options for completion.


Students Employed at Aultman Health Foundation

Students who are employed within the Aultman Health Foundation system should report for work normally unless otherwise directed by your supervisor.



All Aultman College and Aultman College Corporate and Community Education (ACCE) events are canceled until further notice.


Meal Plans

All meal plan dollars from spring semester 2020 will roll over until spring 2021 (unless used before then).


Information on the Coronavirus and Other Resources

For information on the coronavirus, please call the Ohio Department of Health’s hotline at 833-427-5634 or 833-4-ASK ODH or visit the ODH’s coronavirus website.

Many of our students have children in their families. With the governor's order to close k-12 schools for 3 weeks, your child may be asking questions. Two of our faculty members have put together this guide to help you be a source of support for kids and teens.

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