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Campus Information

Aultman College resources such as parking information, campus map, dining options, and Aully’s Nest can be viewed by clicking the links below. For all questions related to campus resources, please visit the main college office.

Tobacco-free Campus

As a healthcare-affiliated college, we believe in keeping with Aultman’s mission to “Lead our Community to Improved Health”.  All Aultman buildings, grounds, and campuses are tobacco-free.  Tobacco is defined as smoking and smokeless (snuff, chewing tobacco products, and electronic cigarettes as well as other vaping devices). Tobacco use in, on, or around, or within view of Aultman owned or leased buildings, grounds, parking lots, sidewalks, private streets, and vehicles are prohibited.  This prohibition includes the use of tobacco products inside privately owned vehicles that are parked on or within view of Aultman facilities.  Students need to ensure that their clothing, hair, and other personal effects are free of tobacco and smoke odor.