Dining Services

Opportunities for students to purchase meals on-site include:

  • Breakaway Café
    • Located on the second floor of the hospital
    • Eat- In or Grab & Go cafeteria-style dining
  • Seasons Café
    • Located in Bedford Building’s main lobby
    • Grab & Go style dining

Meal Plan

Aultman College, in conjunction with the Aultman Hospital Food Services Department, has established an optional tiered meal plan program for students. The meal plan is designed to cover the cost of your food charges while you are on the Aultman Campus by simply prepaying and swiping your access badge. This will allow you the ease of making your purchases without the need to carry cash. The badges can then be swiped at any of the above locations to cover food charges. Balances remaining on a student’s account at the completion of the summer and fall semesters will automatically roll over to the next semester. However, any dollar amount remaining on the card at the completion of spring semester (the week prior to final exams) will be forfeited. Three meal plan options are available (see below).

The following three plans are available for your consideration:

$145 per semester + $10 processing fee = $155

$303 per semester + $10 processing fee = $313

$385 per semester + $10 processing fee = $395

*Approximate costs. All rates are estimated and subject to change. Individual programs or courses may assess additional fees.

If you are interested in participating in this service, complete the forms and turn them into the college main office. If you have questions, please contact the college at 330-363-6347.