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Answering the Call: How one student received a job offer before a radiography degree

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One of the biggest life decisions you can make while in high school is deciding what college to attend. Higher education is a commitment of your time, finances, and overall life. And when you know the field you want to go into, getting a good start can be key to a successful career later in life.

In high school, Morgan Wyss knew she wanted to go into radiography. While researching colleges, she looked at a few schools in Northeast Ohio. However, when she visited Aultman College during a Preview Day, Morgan realized how great a fit it would be for her. Compared to the other schools, Aultman College was closer to where she lived and offered smaller class sizes. It also promised a variety of clinical sites and more hands-on experience in her field.

As Morgan worked toward her radiography degree, she found that her assumptions were correct. Smaller classes offered a more focused learning experience and time with professors. Even when the coronavirus pandemic started and everything shut down, Morgan felt that the college handled the move to online learning as best as they could.

One of the clinical sites Morgan was assigned to was Pomerene Hospital. While training there, the hospital offered her a job upon graduation. Earlier this year, Morgan graduated as a registered radiologic technologist RT(R). Morgan is now cross-training in CT radiography at Pomerene Hospital, while also studying to be an ultrasound technologist—which her employer is paying for.

Morgan feels that Aultman College prepared her very well for this next step in her career. Not only did her clinical rotation lead to a job offer before getting her radiography degree and the ability to continue her education post-graduation, but the experiences she had were also incredibly beneficial, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked what she would tell potential or beginning Aultman College students, Morgan said, “Don’t be afraid to go into clinicals and start something new. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, jump in and get that experience. There will be people to guide you.”

Working the third shift at a hospital, Morgan often finds herself the only one available to assist with tough trauma cases. She explained that paying attention to the unique clinical patients in school and during clinicals—getting that critical experience—has helped immensely.

Radiographic technologists might not be the first people you think of related to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they are critical in helping diagnose patients. People like Morgan are one of the initial technologists to image COVID-19 patients to see how much of the virus has infiltrated their lungs. This allows doctors to determine how much it has spread through the respiratory system.

The college experience can be different from person to person. But if you use your time wisely and soak up all the experiences and knowledge that you can, you’ll start off your radiography career in the right direction—even during a pandemic.

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