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Course Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Registration for classes creates a contract for payment of tuition, fees, and charges. Withdrawal must be made in writing through the Academic Advisor. Non-attendance in class or notification to a faculty member does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Impact of withdrawal on financial aid

If a student withdraws from a class or from the college at any time, the college may be required to return a portion of the federal and/or state financial aid to the appropriate programs. Click here to learn more. Any balance created on the student’s account as a result of this transaction is the responsibility of the student. Students receiving financial aid who are considering withdrawing from a course or the college should contact the Financial Aid Administrator before taking action.

Withdrawal requirements

All students who drop their course load to zero (0) hours must return:

  • Attrition survey
  • Exit checklist
  • ID badges
  • Laboratory or course equipment
  • Library books
  • Magnetic strip badge
  • Parking permits (if applicable)

Students not returning the above items will be charged a fee for replacement costs.

The Aultman College refund policy is as follows: 


All semesters

There is a single, 100 percent refund period through the add/drop deadline.

If the student chooses to withdraw from a class by the add/drop deadline for the semester, they receive a 100% refund for the course’s tuition cost. If the student withdraws from the course after the add/drop deadline, no refund is offered.

For information on the add/drop deadline for a specific semester, please view the academic calendar.