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A First-Year Nursing Student's Hands-On Clinical Experience

Growing up, Macy Bodo’s favorite activity was playing pretend as a nurse or doctor. The need to help and care for others came naturally to her. When it was time to pick a college and major, she landed on the obvious choice: nursing at Aultman College.

Macy worked on foundational education classes through Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. Last fall—in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic—she started nursing classes. Due to Aultman College’s coronavirus precautions, they were held online.

In Spring 2021, she started in-person clinicals. “I was assigned to a stroke unit where I perform basic tasks with patients and get used to working in a healthcare setting,” Macy said. “So far I really like it. I’m already learning so much.”

Macy and other nursing students participating in clinicals have to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes face shields, gloves, and masks. She explained, “We’re all wearing the PPE, so when you go into a patient’s room, and you’re in all this protective gear, it takes a lot to get used to it.” 

Macy Bodo First Day of Clinicals

Another adjustment Macy has discovered is how she collaborates with fellow students. Since she can only be with one other person at a time during clinicals, it can be more challenging to bounce ideas off each other, but students are able to connect virtually or during in-person classes.

After hearing from family members who had gone through clinicals before, she thought her experience wouldn’t be as involved or would even be online for a few semesters due to the pandemic. However, it hasn’t affected her experience beyond the increased PPE. She’s been able to get a lot of hands-on experience and learn an incredible amount that she can apply to her future career.

“It makes such a difference being in-person and interacting with other people,” Macy said. “I think it’s easier to learn when it’s hands-on. You get to perform what you’ll be doing in your nursing career.”

After graduation, Macy hopes to work as a nurse for a couple of years. She would love to return to school to become a family nurse practitioner or another occupation in the realm of pediatrics—an area she hopes to explore soon in upcoming clinicals.

Macy Bodo senior photo

Even through all the changes that have come with the pandemic, Macy is enjoying her time at Aultman College. She says, “The nursing program is great, and the faculty-to-student ratio is really good. It’s not like at other schools that have 200 students per class. Instructors are personable and they get to know everyone.”

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