Advising at Aultman College
Advising at Aultman College


Our Aultman College academic advising team is here to assist current students with charting their path toward graduation and pointing them toward resources to foster academic success. (NOTE: if you are not a current student and are interested in more information about our programs click here to schedule an appointment with our admissions counselor)


Advising Schedule

  • Weeks 2-6 of each semester: Shortly after the semester begins, your advisor will reach out to schedule a meeting. At this appointment, you will work together to create a progression plan and identify any areas where you may need assistance or additional resources (tutoring, test accommodations, etc.).
  • Advising Week: About midway through the semester, all students schedule a mandatory appointment with their advisor. You will be sent an advising packet via email in advance and must come prepared with necessary forms and two plans of courses for the next semester. At the meeting, you will review the materials with your advisor to ensure you are on track for graduation. Please note: if you do not come to this appointment, you will be locked out of registering for courses for the next semester.


Meet Your Advisors

Kellie Blinn: First-year students

Kellie Blinn Email: Kellie Blinn

Phone: 330-363-1233

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Sue Shepherd: Second-year and beyond students

 Susan Shepherd

Email: Sue Shepherd

Phone: 330-363-4349

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Advising and Course Forms

To download the form you need, please click the link to visit the Forms Page