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Course Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Information regarding course and college withdrawal can be found in the Course Withdrawal Policy below. If you are considering withdrawing from a course, it is recommended you first contact the Academic Advisor to determine the impact the course withdrawal will have on your program progression. All students withdrawing from the college must meet with the Academic Advisor to complete the necessary paperwork.


A. A student may withdraw from a course or the college through the designated date indicated on the academic calendar.

  1. If a student withdraws from all courses during the term/semester, that student may be eligible for a partial tuition credit based on the current refund schedule.
  2. Students who withdraw from all courses prior to the end of the term/semester may be subject to the return of federal and state aid for the current term/semester and may risk the loss of future federal and state aid (see Title IV Refund and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies).
  3. Students who fail to notify the college of their intent to withdraw are held responsible for all tuition, fees, and charges owed to the college and will not be eligible for any refunds or credits.
  4. Failure to attend and/or to notify a school official of withdrawal from classes does not constitute an official notification and may result in a final grade of "F" being entered on the student's transcript at the end of the term/semester.


B. Withdrawal Procedures

  1.  Cancellation prior to Beginning of Classes

           a. Official notice occurs when the Program Coordinator or Director, Academic Advisor, or any other school official is notified of intent to cancel all classes.

           b. There will be no financial liability for students whose classes are officially canceled prior to the beginning of classes, with these exception[s]:

                  i. Non-refundable general fee

                  ii. Non-refundable testing fee

                  iii. Any book fee liability incurred


C. Withdrawal from the College after Beginning of Classes

  1. Official withdrawal: The student’s withdrawal date is based on the date that the college is provided with “official” notice of withdrawal. Official notice occurs when the Program Coordinator or Director, Academic Advisor, or any other school official is notified of intent to withdraw.

        Notification can be:

            a. In person

            b. By telephone

            c. By letter

            d. By email

            e. By fax

In order to complete the official withdrawal process, students are required to complete and submit the Registration Add/Drop Form to the Academic Advisor. The actual date of withdrawal for Title IV Refund Policy purposes will be based on the best available academic information.

The college strongly recommends an in-person visit so that withdrawal can be expedited. One-on-one counseling is provided which results in students being well informed regarding all the ramifications of their specific withdrawal which may include a delay in graduation, potential financial liability and/or potential loss of future financial aid due to academic progress requirements.

  1. Unofficial withdrawal: An unofficial withdrawal takes place when a student does not provide the college with official notification. In such cases, the date of withdrawal for purposes of financial aid and return of federal and state funds purposes will be based on the best available academic record.
  2. Administrative withdrawal: Withdrawal of a student for administrative purposes will take place when it is believed that such action is in the best interest of the institution or the student. Administrative withdrawals are subject to the current refund policy and proration schedules. For specific academic policies, please refer to the College Catalog’s section, Changes after the Add/Drop period and Administrative Withdrawals.

D. Refund Schedule

There is a single, 100 percent refund period through the add/drop deadline.

If the student chooses to withdraw from a class by the add/drop deadline for the semester, they receive a 100% refund for the course’s tuition cost. If the student withdraws from the course after the add/drop deadline, no refund is offered.

For information on the add/drop deadline for a specific semester, please view the academic calendar.


Withdrawal requirements:

All students who drop their course load to zero (0) hours must return:

  • College separation form
  • ID badges
  • Laboratory or course equipment
  • Library books
  • Magnetic strip badge
  • Parking permits (if applicable)

Students not returning the above items will be charged a fee for replacement costs.